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Tank Beer

Lemon & Duke joins The Bridge 1859 as the only bars in Ireland to server Pilsner Urquell's revolutionary tank beer system. It allows to us to serve fresh unpasteurised beer to the customer.

In the words of brewmaster Vaclav Berka, "Beer is the best in the cellar of the brewery." That's where it's going to be at its freshest and why visiting breweries is the place to go to get the tastiest beer. But not everyone can get to Plzen so we have instead brought the beer to Lemon & Duke.

"The tank beer is from the start to the end – to the glass – it's the best condition that we're able to achieve," says Vaclav. The beer that goes into the tanks is unpasteurised, meaning it must be drunk fresher than pasteurised beer – the shelf-life for tank beer is just three weeks from leaving the brewery, and only one week once the tank is first opened, so you can guarantee that a pint of tank Pilsner Urquell tastes as close to cellar beer as we can achieve. That freshness means you get a fuller flavour and a deeper taste. To go with this, the tanks are temperature-controlled to a similar coolness to that of the cellars in Plzen.

Those four large tanks you see above the bar house the fresh unpasteurised Pilsner Urquell beer brought directly from the cellars in Plzen, we urge all of our customers to try it, the fresh unique taste is something to behold and if you do get your lips around a tasty pint please let us know what you think of it by tweeting us @LemonAndDuke and use the hashtag #Tankbeer.